Service Above Self

Our primary focus is on the individual. Helping an individual to develop a positive self-image through our services.

  • These services are directed toward teenagers and adults age 20 to age 50 primarily. However, we do our best to serve all interested.

  • Our most effective method is one-on-one coaching, but group sessions are welcome.

  • We suggest that all participants stay in our training for at least three months in order to receive the full benefits of change.

  • A plan of action is recommended for each individual according to the information filled out through the online questionnaire with a free consultation.

  • Not all of our services are listed below, so please inquire concerning your particular need. 

Personal Development Services

  • The Individual-Who are you 

  • Developing a Godly Positive Mental Attitude

  • Common Sense-Common sense, or non-sense

  • Accomplish Mental Attitude-Critical Thinking

  • Success Attitude-Keys to success

  • What Will You Become-Your purpose in life

Services About Life

  • The Cycle of Life-From birth until death

  • Human Relations-How to get along with people

  • Human Life Values-your physical, economic, and Spiritual values

  • Human Rights Click

Belief Services

  • Spiritual Life-Know Thyself

  • God, Is!-Your Belief System

  • Bible Basic's

  • How to Study The Bible

Specialty Services

  • Family Organizational Planning-large families four or more children

  • Successful Parenting

  • Problem Solving

  • Personal Money Management

  • How to Start Your Own Business-Do you have what it takes

  • Basic Sales Training I & II-Career development

  • Time Management-Don't agonize, organize

  • Basic Public Speaking-Overcoming the fear

  • Youth Education 

  • Military Services Click

Courtney-Business Owner


Individuals who desire in person group training, all of our classes are held at

All Hands Cultural Community Center

302 Tulsa Street

Wichita Falls, Texas 76301

Due to COVID-19 our class size for group sessions is limited to ten participants. ZOOM training available for out of area participant's.

Individual sessions are held in our downtown office inside the Oil & Gas Building at:

813 8th Street Suite 550-K Wichita Falls, TX 76301