Also, Co-founder & Vice President

All Hands Cultural Community Center

The idea of Changing Images Today; came about in January of 1991 because of my involvement with Personal Development Training and Ministry, which started in 1974. The difference it made in my life, is what inspired me to offer services that would also make a difference in other people’s lives. Spiritual Self-Improvement & Life Skills Awareness is very necessary.  While the training is centered around Spiritual truths, the main underlying fact is “Common Sense.” 

Our Vision & Belief

Our over all vision is that, we visualize helping to make positive changes in peoples lives, their homes, their relationships with others, changes in our communities economically, socially, spiritually, educationally, environmentally, and so forth. The ultimate belief and vision of Changing Images Today, is to change the mind-set and spirit of mankind in order that we may live in peace and harmony for the love of God. 


Our Ideals

We  stand for right and righteousness, we stand for truth and human rights. We will promote values, and encourage the poor and middle class of this world to be rich in faith and a role model people for Almighty God our Creator.

Our Specialty

We specialize in Spiritual Self-Improvement & Life Skills Awareness. What that means is that we have combined Spiritual principals and success attitudes together in order to help an individual to make lasting changes in their attitude and in their life concerning these specific areas: Family, Educational, Financial, Spiritual, Social, and Business.


Our Mission

Our mission is to change lives for the better, and to help bring about change in our world

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We are a local business in downtown Wichita Falls, Texas

"Spiritually Based, Humanitarian Driven"

Over forty years of experience

"It's Not What You Are, But What You Can Become"
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